On being your authentic self

April 9, 2013

You know it’s been a lengthy blog break when your domain name expires in 30 days … and you think twice about whether to renew. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a fresh blog with a new concept (more lifestyle and inspiration), which sounds exciting and shiny and new(!), but before I set that […]

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Le croissant

September 14, 2012

As if there aren’t enough layers in le flaky croissant, it seems the story of its creation is enigmatic, too. Who created these crescents and how did they become so quintessentially French? According to one rather glamorous account, we can thank Marie Anotoinette, the Austrian princess who married Louis XVI, for bringing the croissant to […]

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September 10, 2012

Remember last fall when I spent a week traipsing around the mean streets of Paris, wandering the 6th arrondissement, eating croissants, and giving my Russified French language skills a go? No? Oh, right. Likely because I didn’t blog about it. Let’s remedy this. Please allow me to remind you of one of my favorite discoveries […]

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movies and such

June 28, 2012

Over the past few weeks, Ian has convinced me to watch action, thriller, and sci-fi movies with him. Just recently we’ve seen the likes of Haywire, Prometheus, Act of Valor, and The Dictator. Who am I? (Sidebar: Granted, Mr. Cohen’s film doesn’t fall into aforementioned categories, but it was most definitely a husband-led operation in […]

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Real Food Daily!

June 4, 2012

Those of you who follow my comings and goings on Instagram (Instagram > Twitter) are likely aware of the new vegan restaurant in town, Real Food Daily. Before I get to that, let’s get a few things straight. My husband and I are not vegan. I like chobani, seafood, and cheese too much to officially […]

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Seitan & Kale Stir-fry

May 21, 2012

Hard to believe it’s almost June. June 19 will mark a year of our new life in Southern California. Immediately upon arrival, we threw ourselves into organizations–possibly too many.  As hard as it was to say no, we’ve since paired down to just a few. Of all the groups I’ve become a part of, Junior […]

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Forks over Knives

May 17, 2012

Have you seen Forks Over Knives? Although late to the bandwagon, I finally saw it last weekend. The takeaway is that studies have shown that consuming animal-based and processed foods lead to high rates of degenerative disease and premature death, whereas eating a whole foods plant-based diet leads to lower disease rates and longer life-expectancy. In […]

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I’m back!

May 15, 2012

Oh, hello there! Since my last post was almost half a *year* ago, I thought it was about time to let you know I’m still alive. #Bloggerfail. You know what this means? That no one is [intentionally] reading this and I can therefore comfortably say whatever I please. Okay, calm down Mommy (my one remaining […]

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Happy New Year & Kale Salad

January 15, 2012

Happy New Year, everyone! I was told that the following more closely resembles a Darth Vader mask than a fireside champagne toast. Nevertheless, a belated cheers to you all! To ring in the new year, my husband and I spent a weekend getaway at Travaasa Austin, where we soaked up the Texas hill country with […]

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Shaking up my Routine: Physique 57

December 12, 2011

When Natasha from Physique 57 first contacted me about taking a class at their Beverly Hills studio, I admit–I was a bit skeptical. Having fallen in love with Pilates at my old San Francisco studio, and after jumping on and off the Bikram bandwagon, and more recently settling into a more varied yoga practice along with […]

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